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Are U our new frontman?

This is a golden opportunity for you to join a real rock band. We got most things set up and are currently working on a full length album. We believe in collaboration and to always act like a band. Therefor we write, rehearsal and do this together.

Below you'll find three tracks:

1. Fool In Love - original version

2. Short version of Fool In Love - with no vocals

3. Rise Like A Phoenix - A new song we are working on

What we want you to do is record yourself singing both our song Fool In Love (use track 2 as backing) and also write lyrics and topline vocals to our new song (track 3). When done, send the files to us ( and we'll get back asap. You can use Dropbox, Wetransfer or any file service you like. If you got any questions, just send us a mail at

Do your best and we will love to have you onboard


1. Fool In Love

2. Fool In Love (no vox)

3. Rise Like A Phoenix (make your own text & topline)

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